My first self publishing book project was for author Kimball Chatfield in 1996. It was a rare opportunity back then to handle an entire book from beginning to end — illustrations, design, index, production and cover. The downside — 2500 copies was the minimum print run.

Today self publishing is way more common, more accessible and print on demand keeps the costs low. The downside — skeptics are around every corner. It is more important than ever to present professionally formatted and designed books.

Print books are only one piece of the puzzle and while many find it tempting to simply convert print books to digital, I work with each element and page until it’s just right, avoiding pitfalls that plague many converted books. All digital books are tested on multiple devices to make sure user experience is just as good on every one.

I customize services to fit each book. Here are some examples:

RANGE OF LIGHT PUBLISHING – Non-fiction print and ebook with custom graphics, footnotes, references, cover design, and index.

BEHIND THE SEAMS PUBLISHING – Non-fiction ebook with photos, captions, and cover design.

MAKOTO PRESS – Non-fiction journal style print book and cover already existed. I created an ebook design using 45 of the original illustratons and adjusted the code of the book to center the images and allow them to be viewed larger and independent of the text.

GOOD DOG PRESS – Middle grade fiction print and ebook design along with cover design using supplied art.

MOUNTAINGIRL MYSTERIES – Book three for a mystery series. Front cover design along with interior layout to match first two books, both print and digital.

EDGE – Layout only for literary journal of short works and poetry.

BONA FIDE BOOKS – Design and stylesheets supplied – layout for book of poetry and two non-fiction books with photos, captions, tables and reference section.

A Selection of Book Covers:

Book Cover Examples