The following character illustrations come from Faery Medicine—a longtime personal project which explores the historical world uses of medicinal plants. Each illustration has fantastical elements connecting it to cultural mythology from a specific part of the world or an idea from many parts of the world. The illustrations were shown in multiple exhibits over the years along with fairytales I wrote with details about medicinal plants and cultural mythology woven in. The motto of Faery Medicine is, “When the wisdom of past generations ceases to exist, so too shall we.” Since the exhibits, the illustrations have been used in many other ways ranging from spot illustration to branding.

  • Autumn Goddess by Kristen Schwartz
  • Cave Rock Woman by Kristen Schwartz
  • LAKE MOTHER—LAKE OF THE SKY by Kristen Schwartz
  • FAERY PEEKING by Kristen Schwartz
  • WISE WOMAN by Kristen Schwartz
  • LONG LIFE OLD MAN by Kristen Schwartz
  • TREE FAERY by Kristen Schwartz
  • GREEN GODDESS by Kristen Schwartz

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