So You Want to Write and/or Illustrate a Children's Book.

There are currently no workshops scheduled, but here's a description of this workshop:

When I first started my journey into children’s publishing, I spent the first few years frozen in my tracks because I was intimidated and overwhelmed by learning about this new world. All I wanted was to be able to sit down with someone and ask questions—especially ones specific to my projects. I did all kinds of research, but I was still getting hung up on details I later learned didn’t matter, or worse, I was doing things that could actually cause obstacles for me.

If this sounds like you, bring your project and join me at my Children's Publishing Workshop. I love to share what I’ve learned so people can avoid common mistakes, save time and get going in the right direction. And you'll meet kindred spirits!

I've had some interest in an online version of this workshop, so let me know if you're interested and I'll keep you in the loop or consider a one on one consultation. Think about the things you want to know most or maybe the things that are holding you back from moving forward on your project. Make a list and schedule a time with me. Please contact me for more information.

And don't forget to join SCBWI if you're interested in writing and/or illustrating for children. They provide a wealth of information, a phenomenal amount of support and opportunities to meet some of the best friends you'll ever have.


Our brains work rapidly to translate what we see into efficient symbols so we can react quickly. This is great when danger is present, but some of us forget to turn that function off when it's time to relax. If you learn to see by sketching, you will automatically switch your brain into a more relaxed mode, a skill that will reduce stress and benefit all areas of your life. Sketching will allow you to enjoy the present moment by truly seeing and connecting with everything around you. Anyone can draw. It's a matter of truly seeing rather than merely looking. Whatever your skill level, sketching will increase your ability to translate what you see and feel into powerful visual representations. In my sketching workshops, surrounded by the serenity and beauty of Lake Tahoe, I teach many different approaches to seeing and capturing all types of subject matter in ways that no camera can do. You will be astonished at what you will accomplish in a short period of time. Workshops are available for all skill levels and class sizes. I also offer private and semi-private drawing classes to take your drawing skills to the next level. Please contact me for more information.