“If you don’t stand out in your field for all your best reasons, how will anyone know to pick you?”

I carefully design each website to meet the goals my clients specify. Some want to use their sites to connect with their audiences meaningfully, some want to increase sales, and some want to display their talents. Every detail matters when crafting a site to reach the right audience. Whatever your goal, you have your own path. Your website should be just as unique as you are and help you achieve that goal.

Over the past 20 years, I have built and serviced many static (database-free) websites, as well as WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify, Showit, and GoDaddy Web Builder sites. Of course, there will always be more platforms—but code is code! So I'll be ready to take on whatever comes next.

And because web design applies to more than websites, I also design social media and website graphics, infographics, public interest campaigns, and more. So whatever the online application, I can help you. Contact me to make your vision a reality.



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Millicent Meng

Millicent Meng is a talented artist. She had a precise vision for her site with goals to expand in the future. We started with a photography gallery linked to her online print store and will add a similar painting gallery later. Each gallery image opens its own lightbox window with a link to purchase. I was thrilled to hear her say I perfectly matched what she envisioned for her site. WordPress is the platform for this custom site, and I keep it updated for her.


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Artful Leather

Artful Leather is a brand-new venture (coming soon) that creates bespoke purses from responsibly sourced elements. I am very excited for the artisan, Penny Shrawder. I did full brand development along with the website, and she was delighted with the results. I'm looking forward to seeing where she takes her brilliant customization ideas. The website is a static site not built on a content management system like WordPress. It is a much simpler, more secure way to go. It's perfect for someone who has no desire to update their website and doesn't have time to deal with site issues due to software updates, obsolete plugins, or discontinued platform versions.


Suffering to Thriving Website image

Suffering to thriving

Author Kathy Harmon-Luber needed a website to launch her new book, Suffering to Thriving, but she also wanted to highlight her other services, resources, and press kit. In addition, she had me create an automated email that would deliver a special gift to anyone signing up for her list the first time. Kathy's customized site is on SquareSpace. (By now, it should be clear just how different each client's journey is!)

BioSpirit Day Spa website image

BioSpirit Day Spa

BioSpirit Day Spa has been my client for 15 years. Their website has undergone several redesigns to keep it looking current. I also do regular search engine optimization (SEO) for them, which shows in the number of people that go to their Tahoe spa from initially going to their website. BioSpirit's ongoing dedication to being the best is inspiring. (In 2022, BioSpirit has a new owner. They have opted to DIY a new logo and website. I'm sorry to see them go! The website above is my design and will no longer be live.)

Sierra Nevada Snow Removal - SNSR - website image

Sierra Nevada Snow Removal

Sierra Nevada Snow Removal has been around since the 80s but never had a website. They came to me in 2017 to develop an online presence, look at new ways to market, and ensure they had top-notch search engine optimization. These are all significant steps for becoming more visible online and growing the business. This site is a custom WordPress site that I update regularly. Coming in 2023 is a new website for his existing business, Earth and Stone Landscaping.

Maverick Carving - Power Carving website image

Maverick Carving

When Maverick Jaillet came to me, he was new to the website scene, but like many clients before him who were also new to the process, he warmed up to it and put together some great content. My job was to make the content accessible to his visitors with a design that showcased the beautiful work he and his students created. Now information about workshops he teaches in many different locations is available in one place—making life easier for his students and him. This site was built on WordPress, and the client updates it.

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DreamWeight Blankets

Dreamweight Blankets was up against some stiff competition, but their product was much different than other weighted blankets on the market. When the owner came to me, the unique nature of her product was not standing out. I went through her Shopify site and identified the areas where she could really shine. I implemented complete search engine optimization (SEO), revitalized the wording, and created graphics for the site and social media ads highlighting all the reasons her product is better than the rest. (A few examples are above. The client supplied photos for the ads and graphics.) Before long, things were picking up, and orders were pouring in so fast that she ran out of product (temporarily)!



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Nikki Shannon Smith

Children's author extraordinaire Nikki Shannon Smith already had a website. But, like so many others, she was contacted by her web host, telling her that the host platform where she built her site would soon no longer exist. Her website would disappear unless she rebuilt it on the new platform. When you are a DIYer, it's challenging to learn and build your first site, let alone start over from scratch on a new platform! She was nervous, but she persevered, and I came along to talk her through some things. In addition to suggesting ways to improve her layout and make it more accessible, I gave her a complete write-up on improving SEO. I did a few technical things for her on the site, but she did everything else. She did a great job and is very happy with the result.


Lynne Latham

Lynne came to me with a WordPress site that needed updating. Some features no longer worked, text required editing, and photos needed updating. I was happy to make her site functional and up-to-date so she could accurately represent herself. Soon she'll be adding more services to grow as she goes.


Destination 74

Destination 74 is on a platform called Showit. It's based on WordPress but has limitations and time-consuming hoops to jump through. It's not something this client wanted to spend time learning. I went through the site, made the text more readable, made additional changes she requested—including adding an events page—and then created registration forms for her events. Sometimes it's worth it to have someone else update your site so you can focus on the business side!

More about the site you're on...

Designing websites in a world of ever-changing screen sizes is challenging. It wouldn't be efficient to have a different site for every screen size, and though some companies do okay having a separate website for mobile devices, the average person doesn't need to do that. Instead, websites can be designed to adapt or respond accordingly.

This site employs a responsive design that morphs into different layouts as the screen size changes. (If you haven't already looked at how this works and you're on a desktop/laptop, grab the bottom right corner of your browser window and drag it left to watch the layout of the site change.) As a graphic designer for print, I always roughed out many designs for each project. I enjoyed looking at all the possibilities by moving the elements around the page. But, in the end, I had to pick one design. I hated discarding all the rest. I think that's why I love responsive design so much. I can utilize many designs on a single page and engage the viewer in exploring the possibilities. In some respects, it's a difficult way to go. The design will never be the same on every screen or in browsers x, y, and z, and it takes more time to consider the variables. Still, I enjoy this challenge and the opportunity to be more creative. The immediacy of publishing on the internet, the fluidity we can now enjoy, along with the juxtaposition of text, images, and function are aspects that keep me loving the art of web design.

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