I design websites to meet the goals of my clients. Some would like to use their sites to connect with their audiences in a meaningful way, some want to increase sales, some want to display their talents—but whatever the goal, each has a custom path to follow. Your website should be just as unique as you are and it should also help you achieve your goals. Contact me to make it happen.

These days web design strategies and technology apply to much more than just websites. I also design online ad campaigns, social media and website graphics, email newsletters, and more. Whatever the online application, I can help you.


BioSpirit Day Spa website image

BioSpirit Day Spa

BioSpirit is a longtime client of mine. The website for the spa has undergone several redesigns to keep it looking current. I do regular search engine optimization (SEO) for BioSpirit and it really shows in the number of people that come to their Tahoe spa from initially going to their website. BioSpirit's dedication to being the best they can be is inspiring.

Sierra Nevada Snow Removal - SNSR - website image

Sierra Nevada Snow Removal

New to my family of clients is Sierra Nevada Snow Removal. This business has been around since the '80s, but has never had a website. It was time to develop an online presence and look at new ways to market, including attention to search engine optimization. As the business becomes more visible online, it will also have more value.

Maverick Carving - Power Carving website image

Maverick Carving

Maverick Jaillet is new to the website scene, but like many clients before him who were also new to the process, he warmed up to it and put together some great content. It was my job to make the content accessible to his visitors through a design that also showcased the beautiful work he and his students create. Now information about the workshops he teaches in many different locations is available in one place—making life easier for his students and easier for him.

Trudy Levy Arts website image

Trudy Levy Arts

Trudy Levy Arts needed a logo and a website that could house her three specialties — ceramics, Taiji and Reiki because having three separate websites was not an option for her budget or her busy life. She also wanted to be able to add photos and edit text herself. The answer was a hosted WordPress site. After listening to what she wanted I customized functionality and design to get the look and feel she was going for. This site can be easily expanded to have more image galleries, a blog and can accommodate eCommerce when she's ready. The ability to expand her site so it could grow with her business was an important aspect of this project.

Rock House Discount Ski Rentals

Rock House Discount Ski and Snowboard Rentals

Rock House Discount Ski and Snowboard Rentals has been a pleasure to work with. They are determined to make their business the best and that included redesigning their outdated site and putting a lot of energy into SEO. The changes have made a big difference and their attention to excellence is inspiring.

Aspen Hollow Landscape Nursery website image

Aspen Hollow Landscape Nursery

Aspen Hollow needed a website to reflect their landscaping philosophy and design aesthetics. They also needed the ability to update it themselves to keep their customers filled in on their weekly gardening events. The answer was a customized Wordpress site with photo gallery. The site is responsive to whatever device it is being viewed on and Aspen Hollow can expand functionality as needed.

More about the site you're on...

Working within a world of ever changing screen sizes is challenging. It wouldn't be very practical to have a different website for every screen size and though some companies do quite well having a separate website for mobile devices, the average person doesn't need to do that. There are different ways for websites to adapt to whatever screen size they are being viewed on.

This site employs a responsive design which morphs into different layouts as the screen size changes. (If you haven't already looked at how this works and you're on a desktop/laptop, grab the bottom right corner of your browser window and drag it left to watch the layout of the site change.) When I was a graphic designer for print, I always roughed out lots of designs for each project. I enjoyed looking at all the possibilities that could be had just by moving the elements around on the page. In the end, only one design could be used. I hated discarding all the rest. I think that's why I love responsive design so much. I can utilize many designs on a single page and engage the viewer in exploring the possibilities. In some respects it's a difficult way to go. The design will never be the same on screen or browser x, y and z, and it takes more time to consider the variables. Still, I enjoy this challenge and the opportunity to be more creative. The immediacy of publishing on the internet, the fluidity we can now enjoy, along with the juxtaposition of text, images and function are aspects that keep me loving the art of web design.

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