Is your website delivering the results you want? Do you feel like you're missing out on business growth opportunities?

Many small businesses and creatives need help maximizing the potential of their online presence and marketing efforts. Simply having a website is no longer enough to stand out in our highly competitive digital environment, and crafting an effective online presence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and implementing a robust marketing strategy can be overwhelming. It's common to feel stuck or frustrated with your website's performance. However, with the right guidance, your website can become a powerful tool to market your business with significantly less effort on your part.

One-on-One Guidance

If you're having difficulties with your online marketing, start by optimizing your website and consider scheduling a consultation with me to brainstorm possibilities, solve problems, or prioritize an SEO plan. Personalized guidance is invaluable, especially if you've been bombarded with overwhelming or ineffective marketing information. Conducting an audit of your website can also clarify what needs improvement.

Self-Paced & Guided Group Courses

However, one-on-one guidance is not the only option. I also offer self-paced DIY or guided group courses, which can be less expensive than one-on-one consultations. You can add extra guidance to either option at any time. The benefit of group courses is the cost-effectiveness and the sense of community you'll develop with others and learning from each other's activities and questions. Having a live person answer your questions as they come up is invaluable.

Don't Struggle Alone With Your SEO or Marketing

Whatever you choose, don't struggle on your own when down-to-earth, knowledgeable help is available. A fresh perspective on your situation can save time and frustration, leading to more effective and targeted marketing strategies. I'm happy to work with you to relieve the burden of navigating the complex world of online marketing.