Basic SEO is Imperative for Small Businesses & Creatives

Everything you do online can contribute to your Search Engine Optimization* (SEO). But there are hundreds of aspects that you could address. Where do you start?

I’ll tell you a secret:

Well-crafted BASIC SEO is the only SEO most creatives and small businesses need.

What a relief you don't need to tend to hundreds of SEO tasks to be successful! However, while your web designer should ideally incorporate these essential aspects into your site, it's not always the case. And if you've built your site on a DIY platform like Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress, you may not know how to do your own SEO.

Ethical SEO Practices Are Critical to Your Website’s Success

Unfortunately, many websites overlook the most impactful SEO (basic), missing a significant opportunity to build authority, connect with the right audience, and become more visible online. However, excellent results take time, so some practitioners use less ethical tactics instead of doing long-term work to game the algorithms for a quick win. This ultimately backfires. Search Engines often write new algorithms to prevent these inauthentic forms of SEO from working and penalize websites accordingly.

Trendy gimmicks that promise a fast rise to the top of search results will hurt your standing in the long run.

Long-Term SEO Success is Attainable

SEO often seems mysterious, but it’s not the complicated technical feat it's made out to be. It merely requires strategic thinking and an understanding of your business and audience. With this knowledge, common sense, and time, fundamental SEO strategies can significantly enhance your site's visibility and accessibility. (Doing this work will also benefit other aspects of your marketing!)

Here’s another secret: You’re the best person to handle your SEO because you know your unique expertise, the problems you solve, your audience, and their needs. Outsourcing it means someone else has to learn the nuances you're already familiar with. This is one aspect that makes good SEO expensive.

The best SEO results come from steady work over time, solid best practices, and thinking and acting like a human. (You've got this!)

Save Time & Money on SEO: Empower Yourself

Having someone do your SEO is a substantial investment, and a poorly executed strategy can be even more costly. Whether you choose to manage your own or delegate it, it's vital to grasp the essentials to ensure it’s done right. But how is the average small business owner supposed to understand SEO? The amount of information is overwhelming!

Consider enrolling in one of my DIY courses or guided group courses for advice that cuts through the jargon to make SEO doable. For most small businesses, updating their SEO after it's in place will only take 15-30 minutes monthly. Join my email list for notifications about upcoming courses, including free SEO workshops and my monthly newsletter of tips. My aim is to equip others with the knowledge to take charge of their SEO.

SEO might initially seem complex and confusing, but with guidance that simplifies it and makes it more intuitive, it's not that bad!

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*So, what exactly is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Many people view SEO as a set of tactics and processes designed to boost a website's ranking in search engine results. Since users are more likely to click on listings at the top of the first results page, website owners strive to enhance their SEO. But SEO is more than just that. Best SEO practices improve the accessibility of websites for users who might otherwise struggle to use them. For example, page titles are the first thing a screen reader reads, so people with visual impairments can orient themselves, and well-structured SEO elements assist screen readers in navigating a page effectively.