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Very few of my clients set out to go into business for themselves. Most are focused on pursuing their passion or helping people first, realizing later they must also be profitable to survive. They're often reluctant marketers lost in all the sales jargon and changing algorithms. They're unsure how to create an effective online presence. And when they try to find an easier way, they get tangled up in the loudest advice and gimmicks peddled on the internet—which feels unnatural, pushy, and icky. It's easy to lose touch with yourself while struggling to figure everything out.

An Experienced Guide Can Help You Market Better

I’m a Web Presence Strategist—a guide and collaborator for my clients to help them get to the heart of what they do and want to say. Your online presence—thoughtfully crafted words, design, and imagery—is about using clear communication that fits you, your core message, and who you want to reach. And the fantastic side effect is that when you communicate clearly in a way that suits you, sharing what you do becomes effortless and joyful. Marketing then shifts to being natural instead of a dreaded task that feels separate.

Even if you’re quiet, shy, or introverted, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot to say or need to market uncomfortably. You have strengths you may not realize, and you don't have to figure everything out alone.

I start where you are, look at how you do things best, and work with you to develop your messaging and the communication that fits YOU. That way, you'll connect and engage with the people who need you most. The benefit of creating your online presence with your website at the center is that your website will do a lot of your marketing for you, freeing you up to do the things you enjoy most to promote yourself.

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My Clients

I worked with casinos, universities, ski resorts, hospitals, golf courses, hotels, and other large businesses and corporations early in my career. It was good experience, but I quickly learned that wasn’t the direction I wanted to go in. I most enjoyed working with people who were solo small business owners and creatives. So, on my partial client list, you'll find photographers, videographers, massage therapists, various small shops, a landscaping company, a plant nursery, a snow removal company, a health food store, acupuncturists, creative groups, authors, illustrators, fine artists, a Taiji Master, Reiki practitioners, artisans, entrepreneurs, marketers, small publishers, and non-profits.

What do my clients have in common? Apart from being solo business owners, they share similarities in how they move through the world: they are empathetic, intuitive, creative, ambitious, determined, down-to-earth, community-centered, care for the environment, want to make a difference, aim to genuinely connect with their clients or customers, and pursue their passions—often in creative or health fields, or in ways connected to nature. They are truly an inspiring group! (Go to my Web Presence Case Studies page for more details about their businesses.)


BioSpirit Day Spa
Artful Leather
Maverick Carving
Nikki Shannon Smith
Tahoe: Lost and Found
Kathy Harmon-Luber
Tahoe Art League
Trudy Levy Arts
The Tallahassee Ballet
Tahoe Distinctive Video
Earth & Stone Landscapes
Sierra Nevada Snow Removal
Aspen Hollow Landscape Nursery
Society of Young Inklings
The NoGlobe Alliance
Tahoe Writers Works
Millicent Meng
Bona Fide Books
Thorough Web Press
Range of Light Publishing
Mountain Girl Mysteries
Good Dog Press
Makoto Press
Behind the Seams Publishing
Dream Weight Blankets
Rearview Miracles
The Studio Lake Tahoe
Grass Roots Natural Foods
Council for Responsible Nutrition
Lake Tahoe Acupuncture and Wellness
Jim Stamates Wildlife Photography
Kimball Chatfield LAc., OMD
Alpensong Healing Arts
Kalena Associates
Dr. Annette Childs
Attorney George Keller